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48 Hour Launch

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Pitch ideas. Collaborate. Develop products. Launch companies. Not your average, ordinary weekend. 

During 48 Hour Launch entrepreneurs and diverse professionals converge to transform big ideas into solid business models, and build the companies of tomorrow. 

Have an innovative idea and an entrepreneurial streak? You have two minutes on Friday night to pitch your concept and inspire the crowd. If successful you’ll get to publicly introduce your new company on Sunday evening. 

More interested in applying your professional skills toward a goal that fuels economic development and elevates creative talent? Then vote for your favorite pitch, join a team and dive into development. Just like Fortune 500 organizations, these startups need marketers, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, developers, and UX specialists. In short, they need you. 

On Sunday evening each proud albeit exhausted team will present its business to the Memphis community. The number of companies launched- and size of the celebration that ensues- depends largely on you. For every 20 attendees we create opportunity for another startup to be built. And the more entrepreneurs we recruit, the higher the chances of discovering bold, audacious ideas with high growth potential. 

More than community engagement, this event fosters true community investment. In 48 hours, where else can you: 

-Launch brand new tech-supported companies, contributing toward our local innovation economy and creating jobs; 

-Learn by doing, experiencing firsthand entrepreneurial principles that can be applied to any endeavor or work environment; 

-Connect with like-minded and talented professionals, expanding your network; 

-Play an active role in Memphis’ entrepreneurial community, volunteering your current skills while learning new ones; 

-Eat and drink well, including all meals and copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull; and 

-Be a part of something this collaborative, creative and cool?! 

So what are you waiting for? Register today for the one and only 48 Hour Launch, and get ready to spend your weekend doing something extraordinary- building both companies and community.

Entrepreneurs / Startups
  • When: 6pm Friday - 6pm Saturday
  • Start: 15 November 2013
  • End: 17 November 2013 23:59
Start Co.


66 S Cooper St. United States
38104 Memphis, TN

Start Co. fosters the production of high growth startups that will create the much needed jobs of tomorrow. Seated in Memphis, TN, this federated platform provides the mentoring, apprenticeship, programming, and resources needed to enable entrepreneurs to take real, actionable steps of starting up in Memphis.

What is GEW

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world's largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

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