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Alumni Stories

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During GEW

We asked our DECA Alumni 3 questions and they gave their responses.

1. What do you do now?

2. How has you been able to apply DECA in your carreer?

3. If you had some advice to give to DECA students now, what would it be?


Sarah Edwards - I am a nurse and we own Anchustegui trucking.
I can give speeches and interviews without saying "umm". (Mrs Wold's buzzer). I can write reports. I also know how to act in business situations. 
My advice to you, is that you learn as much as you can and network. You never know when those relationships will come in handy. Listen to all Mrs Wold has to say. Her teachings still help me 20 years later. She is amazing. 

Rose Schuster Velasquez- I am in a partner and staffing firm. Coming from a SMALL town, Ms. Wold helped us all understand how to act in a business situation...or should I say how to market ourselves.  My advice would be to listen carefully to the interview and selling skills that Ms. Wold teaches you!! Those skills helped me land jobs and even market my own business. Even though times have changed, what doesn't change is showing up to ANY interview in a tie, giving a firm hand shake, and look someone in the eye!

Lisa Kohl- I am a licensed Realtor and I buy ugly houses, remodel and resell them. 2- With DECA, it was the first thing to prepare me for the business world- the beloved navy blazer! The skills that I picked up allowed me to conduct myself in a business manner at a young age it helped me land great jobs and got myself to where I am today. The marketing piece that I learned in your class over those 3 years taught me how to brand myself. 3- If I were to give advice to your current students, it would be to pay close attention in class because no matter where your path takes you after high school, chances are you are definitely going to use a piece or pieces of what you learned in DECA in the real world!


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  • Start: 18 November 2013
  • End: 18 November 2013
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