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The proposal for our group project is a school fundraiser; we will do this in the way of a 5k run.  We’ve decided a 5k would be most successful because it gives runners and walkers of all abilities the opportunity to participate.  Once we’ve choose the date and location, the very first thing we need to do before we tell anyone about it is start the permit process with the city. Races require shutting down streets and detouring traffic, so we must have permission from the city to move forward.

We'll also want to create a budget for the event to ensure it’s financially viable. There are a lot of people involved in making a race happen, and a lot of them need to be paid, like police, medical staff. Then, we need to factor in costs such as port-o-potties, water, tents, cones, T-shirts. If the goal is to make a profit, we need to make sure our entry fees cover our costs. If we’re looking to make money on your event, we need to consider getting some sponsors.  Daniel in our group has connections with sponsors such as cliff bar, power bar, Gatorade and Nike, GU, Garmin,  which he believes he can get to sponsor the race. Just as important as the above mention tasks the location of the race will entice runners to come.  It’s been proven that racers come to races with scenic routes.  Our idea is to have the race somewhere along the ports, ideally on Harbor Blvd. We’ll also need to come up with a marketing plan to attract runners.

Next, it's time to focus on the logistics of the race. You need to make sure our course has been accurately measured and marked and that we’ll know all of the places where water stops, advertisements and clocks should go along the course. We’ll want to plan a smooth registration process, so that runners can check in quickly, get their numbers and be on their way. We'll need to make sure we have plenty of volunteers to help with things like manning the water stations, running the registration table and handing out T-shirts at the finish line. It's important to clearly communicate our plan to all of the people involved to ensure things run smoothly. We'll also want to make sure we stick around to help with the breakdown when the race is over. Maybe even consider having a fresh group come in to help with the race breakdown, since most people there would have already had a long day.

In conclusion, if this is a viable opinion for MCU it would be great opportunity for to raise funds, get involved in the community, and bring people together.  If we plan on making money off this fund raiser we will need to acquire sponsors and have a scenic race route to attract runners. 

310 963 3108
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  • When: Saturday morning until Noon
  • Start: 14 November 2013
  • End: 14 November 2013
Marymont University


Los Angeles, CA

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