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"How Entrepreneurship Can Change the World"

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Tzameret Fuerst


Take a pause to read this next statistic:

Every 16 seconds, someone dies of AIDS. Every 12 seconds someone contracts HIV.

HIV has taken the lives of 25 million people at a rate of 2 million per year. The World Health Organization and UNAIDS cite that voluntary medical male circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection by approximately 70% in high risk areas. The "ABCs" - Abstinence, Be Faitful and Condoms are crucial elements, but are not enough. The much anticipated HIV vaccines have been under development for nearly 20 years but are nowhere near market readiness. 

Tzameret Fuerst was driven to make an impact. She is a Co-Founder of Circ MedTech, a social enterprise offering innovative, affordable, and scalable public healthcare solutions to fight against HIV/AIDS by enabling safe and rapid scale up of non-surgical adult male circumcision via a breakthrough health innovation called the PrePex device.

The device has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration and Prequalified by the World Health Organization

With pilots now being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PrePex is the hope for Africa to achieve the formidable goal of reaching 20 million men over the next 5 years, to save roughly 3.5 million lives and $16.6 billion USD by averting these infections.

The non-surgical procedure requires no injected anesthesia, is quick, bloodless, and safe and can be administered by a nurse in moments. After witnessing the procedure in Rwanda, PrePex was hailed by Michel Sidibe, UNAIDS chief, as "a resolution in HIV Prevention" and the Director of HIV and tuberculosis for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said, "it's clearly the most obvious, most cost-effective intervention we could use to dramatically change the course of H.I.V. in the near future."





As a young activist student at UNC, Alec co-founded the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) and helped develop it into the largest non-profit student organization in the country during his tenure. Alec later channeled his passion for the environment into a rooftop revolution, co-founding Sungevity, Inc. and putting solar power within reach for mainstream America.

Sungevity has become one of the nation's leading solar energy companies earning a "Best for the World" Award from B Corp for using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Alec is a longtime environmentalist and successful social entrepreneur with a track record of building mission-driven businesses in a variety of industries. Prior to Sungevity, he co-founded Axiom Law, a company that revolutionized the legal industry by slashing high overhead costs and liberating frustrated lawyers from the inefficiency of the traditional law firm model. Prior to his entrepreneurial pursuits, he served the Clinton administration as Special Assistant to former EPA chief, Carol Browner. 

Not only has Alec worked across industries but he's also worked in all four sectors, within government, in the private sector, in the non-profit sector, and in the fourth sector - each time launching new ways to tackle problems of our time.

This year, he has also taken on the role as the CUBE Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Campus Y, advising social ventures both at theCUBE and across UNC to help accelerate their progress and providing career guidance to students interested in the fourth sector and entrepreneurship, while also supporting UNC's Social Innovation Initiative with thought leadership. 





The Beat Making Lab was born at UNC and co-founded by Dr. Mark Katz, Chair of the Music Department at UNC. It started out as a class to teach beat making but quickly developed into a movement. Mark and his team (DJ Apple Juice Kid and Pierce Freelon, both UNC professors) are designing an open source beat making software, mobile app, and curriculum to foster music creation in communities globally. Imagine a world where where people in opposite corners of the globe can exchange beats, lyrics, and ideas with one another and where everyone has the opportunity to make beats. That's the world the Beat Making Lab has created.

The first international Beat Making Lab was established in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After huge success building a studio at a local non-profit in the DRC, International Beat Making Labs are now being developed across the world in partnership with local organizations. 

These efforts have culminated in a collaboration with PBS Digital Studios, which airs weekly webisodes documenting Beat Making Labs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Panama, Senegal, Fiji and Ethiopia on the Beat Making Lab youtube channel. The Beat Making Lab has been featured on the Wall Street JournalNational Public Radio, and the News and ObserverThe next big thing?Using beat making as a tool for foreign diplomacy. And they only just got started. 

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