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James J. Mackey - "From Eighteen Months to Eighteen Minutes"

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Jim Mackey, Senior VP, Marketing and Sales for Merck Consumer Care, is responsible for Merck’s portfolio of leading consumer health care brands in the United States. Merck’s product lineup includes such household names as Claritin allergy remedies, Dr. Scholl’s foot care products, and Coppertone sunscreens. With more than 30 years in the consumer packaged goods industry, Jim has experienced a revolution in consumer marketing: from the traditional, mass market model dominated by broadcast advertising to today’s highly-segmented, relationship-driven, omnichannel approach that is reshaping the way brands interact with consumers.


Mr. Mackey’s presentation, “Consumer Marketing: From Eighteen Months to Eighteen Minutes,” will take us on this journey of revolution and discuss how contemporary marketers are adapting to their new reality in order to create deeper consumer engagement, and ultimately greater loyalty to their brands.

Students / Youth
Entrepreneurs / Startups
  • When: 1:00PM-3:00PM
  • Start: 15 November 2013
  • End: 15 November 2013 23:59
Daniel-Mickel Auditorium, Darla Moore School of Business


Columbia, SC

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