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Preparing the Financials for the Business Plan

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Writing a business plan requires  a financial forecast.  Learn how to prepare detailed financial projections,  including start up costs, and projected cash flow analysis.  The templates will fulfill the requirements  for commercial lenders and potential investors.

There is a critical difference between businesses that succeed and those that fail. And it's not a matter of luck. Planning and careful financial analysis are the keys to success. The financial plan is the road map for success or failure. It will help you make those critical business decisions which can lead to success and profits.  The Cash Flow Projection, kept current for changing business conditions, tells you when your business will become profitable and helps you get there.

This workshop includes templates and hands-on practical examples to help you understand the need for a plan, a cash flow projection and how to complete your cash flow analysis. Your workshop handouts will provide step-by-step instructions and sample formats that will help you understand your financials, whether you are a start up company or an business expansion.



To register online you must preregister and pay by credit card. Cost of the workshop is $35.00 To pay in advance by check, send check and registration information (include email address ) to SCORE at 100 Middle St., East Tower, Portland ME 04101. Walk-ins are welcome, door fees are $50.00 and we do not accept credit cards at door. 

Entrepreneurs / Startups
Cost of Workshop is $35.00 with on line registration
  • When: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Start: 21 November 2013
  • End: 21 November 2013
SCORE Office


100 Middle St., East Tower 2nd Floor
Portland, ME

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