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We tweeted 5 facts about different entrepreneurs during the week. We tweeted about Estee Lauder, Thomas Edison, Ben & Jerry, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerburg. What we tweeted about Estee Lauder was that they turned cosmetics into a big business and that it sells in 118 countries. What we wrote about Thomas Edison was that he filed over 1000 patents and that he made the electric light bulb plus the phonograph. What we wrote about Ben and Jerry’s was that they are known for creating funky ice-cream flavors. What we wrote about Steve Jobs was that he was a co-founder of apple Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios. What we wrote about Mark Zuckerburg was that he is the chief executive officer of Facebook.

Students / Youth
  • When: all day
  • Start: 18 November 2013
  • End: 18 November 2013
Robinson Secondary School


5035 Sideburn Road
22032 Fairfax, VA

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