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2013 Competitions and Giveaways

As you know, in order to be considered an official partner of GEW, you must register at least 1 event or activity for your organization. To encourage competition and reward our most active partners, we are holding a number of contests and giveaways:

  • GEW Video Competition- The goal is for partners to put together a video that highlights the uniqueness of your state, region or organization’s GEW 2013 celebration. You should show us why yours is the most innovative and creative way to spark entrepreneurship within your ecosystem. Videos should be 3mins or less and the best submissions (as decided by GEW staff) will be publicly voted on by the GEW network through our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages. The winning video will not only be screened at the GEC in Moscow, Russia in March but the prize will be a once in a lifetime opportunity!  The deadline to submit your video via our YouTube page will be November 18th, the first day of GEW.
  • The Partner Pin Giveaway- We will be doing a pin giveaway for activity milestones. The first giveaway will be for the partner who registers the 100th activity on the website will be mailed 10 GEW pins.  These pins feature the GEW compass logo and are magnetic so no more holes in your shirt. They make great accessories for organizers to wear during GEW or a great prize for outstanding participants in your GEW events. We are already at 40 events on our website, so the race is on.
  • Universities and Colleges Video Message- The 5 universities and/or colleges with the highest number of activities planned during GEW to win a personalized video message from GEW President, Jonathan Ortmans. These videos are great to screen at kickoff events or at any time during GEW! The contest end-date to register activities will be November 1, 2013.

If you have any questions about these contests, please contact your GEW/USA host, Chelsea Grieco at

Stay tuned! More contests to be announced.

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