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CoFounders Lab App to Help Find Talent at GEW Events

Team is critical to the success of any startup and many of you are undoubtedly looking for the right people to team up with to launch or grow a startup. But it can be tough sometimes to find the right people at events.

To help make networking more efficient when attending any GEW event next week, we recommend using the free CoFoundersLab mobile app. CoFoundersLab is a GEW partner and is hosting a dozen Matchup events during GEW.

The CoFoundersLab mobile app is a real-time, location based, talent discovery tool that leverages all the rich data from profiles on The app allows you to search key data in member profiles, and see a list of recommended co-founders, advisors, and interns who are physically located at the same event as you.  The recommendations are based on lots of different criteria like role, complementary skills, industry, business stage, and even what personality you’ll mesh with the best.

We want to be sure you don’t miss out on any golden opportunities to find and connect with the people that complement you best and can help take your startup to the next level. If you’re hoping to find the right people to launch and grow a business with during GEW, use the free app to know exactly who the best people in the room are at any event.

App Highlights:

  • See recommended candidates present at any event based on CoFoundersLab’s proprietary matching algorithm that considers role, skills, industry, personality, if you have a startup or are looking to join one, etc.
  • Drill down into into key information about each candidate in his/her CoFoundersLab profile.  See their strengths, other events they attend, stage of their startup, etc.
  • “Favorite” candidates, automatically saving them to the web interface at
  • Chat feature to immediately chat with people at larger events.
  • Send messages and add notes to track your most promising candidates.  Messages are synched with the inbox of the web interface at
  • Newsfeed pulled from Twitter based on customizable keywords (i.e. any GEW event hashtag).
  • Push notifications alert you just like text messages.

You have to have a CoFoundersLab profile in order to use the app, so if you haven’t already, first create a free profile on; then, download the free app.  The app is currently only available for iPhone, but stay tuned for an Android version soon.

Here’s to building stronger teams faster.  Good luck!

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