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Finalists for World Series of Innovation Announced

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship just announced the finalists for its World Series of Innovation—selecting 24 teams from 9 countries to compete for up to $10,000 and a range of prizes from Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Amazon and others. 


The finalists emerged from more than 700 entries into the competition, a featured activity of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Winners will be selected in eight categories: 


•    Tablet / Smartphone App Design, sponsored by Microsoft [vote]

•    40 Chances Food & Nutrition Solutions, sponsored by 40 Chances [vote]

•    Sparkling Beverage Marketing Plan [vote]]

•    Replicable Business Design [vote]

•    SAP Technology Sports Challenge [vote]

•    Literacy Game or App [vote]

•    Tablet/Smartphone Game Design [vote]

•    Community Committed & Job Fit [vote]


For each category there will be “Peoples Choice” winners, who are chosen by popular vote and “Adjudicator’s Choice”, who are chosen by a panel of judges from sponsoring organizations.  Winners may receive cash prizes of up to $10,000 while others will receive Microsoft software packages or $250 gift cards from Coco-Cola or


Finalists from each category will receive a prize package of Coca-Cola merchandise, and a $25 gift card.


To become a finalist for this event, students must organize a team of between 2-5 young people between the ages of 11-24.  They must then submit short commercial for a unique product or service that will address a niche market.  This event provides students from all over the country and around the world a chance to display their creativity in a unique setting. 


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