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By Global Entrepre... | 10 May 2013 | 7:31 PM
As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Santa Clara County StartUp Cup held their event finals. From a pool of more than 50 applicants, three were recognized for their businesses models. The first...
By Global Entrepre... | 10 May 2013 | 7:29 PM
Gary Ott of TLC Management was given the SOE award during the Grant County Economic Growth Council event, which took place at the Meshingomesia Country Club in Indiana. Erin Wheeler, director of...
By Global Entrepre... | 10 May 2013 | 7:22 PM
Global Entrepreneurship Week President Obama has said that “what transforms villages is whether they have an entrepreneur or whether they don’t […] entrepreneurs create jobs and spur economic...
By Global Entrepre... | 10 May 2013 | 7:19 PM
With only one day to go on my GEW 2012 tour, I am in the UK which organized 3,240 events, up 29% from last year and where we engaged 276,747 people in the course of the week, up 41% on last year....
By Global Entrepre... | 10 May 2013 | 7:18 PM
Even though tomorrow is the last day of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012, that doesn’t mean that things are slowing down. Startup Weekends across the US, and the world, started last night and are...


What is GEW

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world's largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

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