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NFTE Announces '40 Chances Challenges'

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) is once again holding its World Series of Innovation (WSI) as a featured event during Global Entrepreneurship Week. The competition includes seven distinct challenges run by partner organizations to help students think critically about current issues, marketing strategies, technology, design and more. 

The 40 Chances Challenges Program was recently announced as one of the seven challenges, offering young adults the opportunity to develop new and creative approaches for solving important food or nutrition related challenges in their community.

Bryan High School of Omaha, NE, hosted the national launch of the 40 Chances Challenges. The school’s principal, Robert Aranda, announced that students enrolled in the school's Urban Agriculture and Nature Resources Career Academy were among the first to submit their innovations to the challenge.

The competition is open to all students ages eleven to twenty-three from across the country, who are invited to submit real-world solutions to critical food security challenges. Challenges include four categories:

  • Design a solution that reduces food waste,
  • Improve nutritious food distribution networks,
  • Increase healthy eating in your home and community, and
  • Encourage and promote local food production.

"We are thrilled to work with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and 40 Chances as an opportunity to encourage youth to address real-world food-security issues, as part of NFTE's World Series of Innovation," said Amy Rosen, CEO and President of NFTE. "The initiative inspires ingenuity and fuels innovation among youth by empowering them to be global agents of change in their communities and beyond."

The 40 Chances Challenges Program was launched in coordination with the upcoming release of the book 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World by Howard G. Buffett. 40 Chances documents new approaches for combating hunger and poverty in the most difficult places on Earth, and it is co-authored by Howard W. Buffett with a foreword by Warren Buffett. "In our book 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World, we share our stories about food and poverty issues from around the world, and we challenge everyone to make the most of the limited chances we all have to accomplish our goals in life," said Howard G. Buffett.

Other WSI challenges are being run by Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Pitney Bowes and SAP. 

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