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Student Talks about Experience During GEW at UNC

The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill student and Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund Business Development Coordinator, Patrick Lung, accounts his experience during GEW 2012. On the YSI-CF blog, Lung discussed the events and opportunities he experienced as a result of his University’s involvement with GEW. The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill hosted an impressive 25 events, ranging from panel discussions, networking events, workshops and more. Lung was able to attend three events during the week and recounted all of them as a wonderful learning experience and valuable opportunity provided by UNC. The first event he attended was the Carolina Challenge Pitch Party; the Carolina Challenge is an annual startup competition open to all UNC-affiliated individuals, which awards $50K in prize money each year to the most promising early-stage ventures. The Challenge also hosts a variety of preparatory events and workshops throughout the academic year to educate students about entrepreneurship. Lung was able to listen to pitches by an online education credentials service, a social network that filters based on physical interactions, a web tool that actively guards against phishing, and even a gluten- and dairy-free baking dough product. “It was amazing to see them go through their presentations in just three minutes with two other entrepreneurs in the same room speaking simultaneously” he explained. The second event he attended was the Young Alumni Entrepreneurs: “Sharing Tips and Lessons Learned” panel discussion. A handful of past UNC students participated in the panel discussion sharing information about their entrepreneurial endeavors, successes, and failures. Lung was able to listen, as each UNC alumni shared their story, to provide not only advice but also inspiration. The final event, the 24-Hour Entrepreneurathon, was UNC’s concluding GEW event. The Entrepreneurathon brought together groups of collaborators - the techies, the entrepreneurs, the design thinkers, the creative minds, the do-gooders, and the problem-solvers from across disciplines to rapidly prototype solutions during an intensive weekend of round-the-clock work. Lung recalls of the experience, “We wrote a business plan, printed business cards, created a promotional video, and launched a full-fledged website in that time. I’ve never worked so hard and enjoyed it so much.” For the full blog by Patrick Lung, visit the YSI-CF blog. For more information on GEW at USC, visit their website.

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