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The TCC StartUp Cup Announces 12 Semi Finalists

The 2013 Tulsa Community College StartUp Cup has selected its 12 semi-finalists, in the annual business model competition for local entrepreneurs.

The seven-month competition sponsored by Tulsa Community College and the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, kicked off in April and will conclude on Nov. 19 as a featured event of GEW.

Among the semi-finalists, include Brandy and Aaron Deaton. Brady Deaton, the founder of idefi Group, LLC, which allows independent artists to sell their music and stream live concerts, is competing with his own son Aaron Deaton of Level Load Industries and inventor of an electronic device that lets a forklift operator know whether the machine's load is level to prevent objects from falling off. The other start-ups competing for the $30,000 grand prize, $5,000 second-place prize, or $2,500 third-place prize are:

  • Bright Tot a company that sells families a monthly package of developmentally-appropriate, fun activities.
  • Carolina Food Company, LLC uses real fruit and wine to make fruit spreads.
  • CleanNG, LLC invented the MagmaCel, a pressurized storage tank for natural gas.
  • CNG Oklahoma, LLC, provides a retail outlet for natural gas vehicles.
  • IcyBreeze, LLC, creators of a device that keeps beverages cool while also working as an air conditioner.
  • New Healthy Lifestyle, LLC’s Body Barz- a food product without preservatives, additives of artificial sweeteners.
  • Reach Clothing, LLC combines retail with giving, as its business model includes giving an item to a child in need for every item purchased.
  • SayAh, LLC is developing a tablet-based survey tool that can be used to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Smart Panel is designed to help people keep track of the amount of energy they're using in their home.
  • Two Guys Bow Ties focuses on a new fashion trend, wooden bow ties.

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