GEW USA Cities


The United States of America was founded by brave visionaries that took risks and created new ideas to build a better future. These entrepreneurs are widely recognized as unleashing innovation, strengthening the economy, creating jobs and expanding human welfare.

GEW USA seeks to fuel new firm formation in the United States by connecting American communities to individuals and organizations around the world and providing access to the next generation of programs and methodologies that will help inspire more Americans to consider the path of entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to help produce more successful entrepreneurs by increasing the number of healthy startup communities and connecting entrepreneurs to the best support in the world.


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GEW USA Startup Cities 2016


Albuquerque, New Mexico Austin, Texas Central Arkasas Cleveland, Ohio
Dallas, Texas Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina Kansas City, Missouri Louisville, Kentucky
Miami, Florida Nashville, Tennessee Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sacramento, California
San Juan, Puerto Rico St. Louis, Missouri Tulsa, Oklahoma Washington, D.C.