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Operation HOPE


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Helping Atlantic City
paychex I got a 25million net in March an I got @AAPL BOND worth 600billion
Partner: Securities and ...
Location: Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
  • When: Saturday
  • Start: 22 March 2016 20:30
  • End: 22 March 2016 20:30
Audience: Entrepreneurs / Startups, Government / Policy Experts
During GEW
Helping AC New Jersey
I have 24billion towards capital spending for New Jersey
Partner: 1 Million Cups ...
Location: Rochester, New York
  • When: today
  • Start: 22 March 2016 21:00
  • End: 22 March 2016 21:00
Audience: Investors / Mentors, Government / Policy Experts
During GEW

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